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Human Face of Big Data

App Results

In less than two months, more than 3 million share and compare questions have been answered, in more than 100 countries, through "The Human Face of Big Data" smartphone survey app.

By collating and analyzing these 3 million+ responses we gained some insightful conclusions related to the attitudes and approaches to life from men and women, young and old, all over the world. Here are just a few of the most interesting findings...

While these findings give only a brief snapshot of the world around us, the goal of this app was to encourage people to embrace the subject of big data and to consider its potential to help us shape and change our daily lives. Hundreds of striking examples of ways this is already happening are illustrated in the photographs, infographics and essays within the Human Face of Big Data book.

The anonymous data complied from the app will be made available for educators, data scientists, researchers and the general public to access as a valuable research tool, in order to conduct further in-depth sifting and sorting of the results, that may one day be considered an invaluable snapshot of human history.